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Andreas Moser

Experience 8/2012–present Western Digital Corporation, San Jose, CA
Engineering Director, Advanced Recording Characterization
  • Set up and execute plan to develop technology for a disk drive based on heat assisted magnetic recording
  • Manage cross-functional team to provide direction and support to head, media and drive teams for heat assisted magnetic recording
  • Improve understanding the recording physics of heat assisted magnetic recording
  • Develop algorithms and standardized testing capabilities
7/2010–7/2012 Western Digital Corporation, San Jose, CA
Engineering Director, Advanced Recording Characterization
  • Develop characterization methods to improve understanding of magnetic recording systems, such as heat assisted magnetic recording
  • Lead talented team of 7 engineers (recording physics, characterization, electronics, hardware, software)
  • Extend life-time of perpendicular magnetic recording by implementing and testing new concepts
  • Manage spinstand characterization laboratory
10/2007–6/2010 Western Digital Media, San Jose, CA
Sr. Principal Engineer, R&D Advanced Magnetic Recording
  • Support media operations for staging media in new products
  • Investigate magnetic recording physics of perpendicular and discrete track media
1998–10/2007 Hitachi San Jose Research Center (formerly IBM Research, Storage Systems & Technology and Science & Technology), San Jose, CA
Research Staff Member
  • Investigated magnetic recording physics of longitudinal, perpendicular and thermally assisted recording system, and patterned media
  • Performed areal density demonstrations in close collaboration with head, media and modeling groups
  • Developed and improved instrumentation, software
  • Mentored recording engineer, lead several postdoctoral fellows
  • Used the following instrumentation: spinstand, disk drive, magnetic force microscopy, micromagnetic modeling, static write/read tester
IBM Research, Science & Technology, San Jose, CA
Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Investigated dynamic coercivity, thermal stability of recording media
  • Designed and built static write/read tester
Education 1991–1996 Physics Dept., University of Basel, Switzerland
  • Ph.D. Thesis on “Investigation of High-Tc Superconductors using Low Temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy” (Advisor: Prof. H.J. Güntherodt) in 1995
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
  • Built low-temperature magnetic force microscope, imaged vortices in High-Tc Superconductors
  • Master’s degree (Major: Physics, Minors: Chemistry, Mathematics)
Additional Qualifications
  • Extensive experience in laboratory automation (software and hardware)
  • Excellent programming skills (MatLab, LabView, VB, Java, C, TCL)
  • Courses in project management / leadership
  • Languages: English (excellent), German (native), French (fluent)
Publications & Patents 70 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, 1 book chapter, 23 issued patents