Most Cited Publications

The publications are listed according to the number of citations. If you are interested in a copy of a publicationplease let Andi Moser know.

Selected Invited Talks
1.Recording studies on discrete track media
A. Moser
53rd Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Austin, Tx
November 12, 2008
2.Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Technology at 230 GBit/in2
A. Moser
International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials (ISPMM), Singapore
September 14, 2005
3.Noise suppression in AFC media
A. Moser
TMRC Boulder, Colorado
August 13, 2004
4.Magnetic Recording: Advancing into the Future
A. Moser
International Colloquium on Magnetic Films and Surfaces, Kyoto, Japan
March 7, 2002
5.Frontiers in magnetic recording
A. Moser
First European Workshop on 'Innovative Mass Storage Technology', Grenoble, France
April 4, 2001
6.Thermal Stability and Dynamic Coercivity Measurements of Longitudinal Magnetic Recording Media
A. Moser and D. Weller
Intermag '99, Kyongju, Korea
May 18, 1999
7.Dynamic Coercivity Measurements in Thin Film Media
A. Moser, D. Weller and M. Doerner
AVS National Symposium in Miami, FL
November 10, 1998